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National Guardian Life (NGL)

Founded in 1910, NGL is a mutual company specializing in individual and group insurance products in the health insurance marketplace.  As a new carrier to the long-term care market. NGL does not have the LTCi legacy issues that have negatively impacted the industry.  By partnering with LifeCare Assurance, NGL has proven expertise available every step of the way.  Learn more on their financial ratings and State Availability click here.

How EssentialLTC is different:

  • Lifetime benefit option
  • Flexible payment option (10 year available in some states)
  • Return of premium
  • Inflation protection options
  • Discounts/special pricing
  • Employer/Association Discounts
  • Greater chance of premium stability
  • Quicker underwriting turnaround

For more information on their product click here FL BrochureGeneric Brochure, Sales Guide or Underwriting Guide

Introducing Benefits Buddy! An interactive tool created to better assist you with building an EssentialLTC policy that best meets your clients’ needs. With Benefits Buddy, you can choose from a wide range of flexible design alternatives:

• Pre-qualify your clients to see whether to use the single or joint product and rating classes

• Understand your client’s budget to scale up or down the daily benefit and total LTCi protection

• Provide your clients’ peace of mind with planning options such as lifetime benefits, guaranteed single premium, 10-pay, and the reverse combo features 

For more information on Benefits Buddy click here.

Looking for a product in an Executive Carve out situation, click here for more info.                                    

Interested in Learning more about NGL and EssentialLTC, you can now watch their webinar series – click here for more info

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