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New - CareMatters 2

Non approved states at this time, AZ,CA,CT,DC,DE,FL*,HI,IN,MT,ND,NJ,NY,PR,SD and VI. *FL should be approved 8/12/19.

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Original - CareMatters

State Availability
All states that CareMatters II is not approved!

Product Type:
Limited-pay, fixed premium universal life with built-in LTC Benefits (Single pay, 5-pay, 10-pay)

Insured(s) purchase a guaranteed death/long-term care benefit.  LTC benefits reduce the policy death benefit.

What’s Different?
Cash Indemnity benefits – clients receive full monthly benefit regardless of expenses
Can be set up as 5 or 10 pay, mirroring traditional LTCI limited-pay plans
Pay anyone for anything anywhere in the world (if living outside U.S., 50% of maximum monthly benefit and 50% of inflation rider, not available on the long-term care extension of benefits rider)

  • Simplified Underwriting
  • Monthly premium option with no modal/interest charge
  • True indemnity – some companies require monthly “evidence of billable services” before the full monthly benefit is paid – this policy has no monthly bills or receipts to submit
  • Very high residual death benefit (20% of face amount) can compare nicely with competition.

Simplified. Single Rate Class. Issue or not – Accept/Deny

  • Other Info:
    Optional 3% Simple, 5% Compound inflation riders
  • ROP Feature
  • Issue Ages 40-75
  • Optional Return of Premium Benefit
  • 90 day Calendar Elimination Period
  • LTC Acceleration Rider
  • LTC Extension of Benefits Rider
  • Can be owned by an irrevocable life insurance trust
  • Doesn't coordinate (reduce payments) even if insured collects from the policies.
  • Great fit for:
    Clients that want cash benefit for LTC – claim payment flexibility for information caregivers and family members
  • Clients that want a higher residual death benefit than that of what other companies are offering
  • Clients that want International Coverage
  • Clients that do not like the use or lose scenario of traditional LTCI
  • Clients that want limited pay option, but prefer to spread out payments over 5 or 10 years.

Sales Material
Product brochure
CareMatters highlights
Less is more
Prequalifications guidelines
Underwriting process
Sales idea - Creating more resources for your clients’ future long-term care needs
Sales idea - A more efficient long-term care option for affluent clients
Sales idea - A linked benefit long-term care plan with a competitive comparison your clients should know about


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