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Mary Sizemore, CLTC

About Mary:
Mary E. Sizemore is an independent insurance agent that specializes in products that meet or exceed expectations at the time of utilization.  She represents multiple financial products and companies in order to find value for each client.  Her product portfolio includes; long-term care insurance, linked-benefits, Medicare supplement, life insurance, critical illness and annuities.  She has been an agent for nearly 15 years and personally understands the impact of not having proper planning in place for you or your loved ones.  The emotional and financial toll can be devastating to families.   

Mary is a native of Long Island, New York and relocated to Cape Coral, Florida in 1993 to be a caregiver to her ailing parents.  She is married to her husband Anthony, a veteran police officer on the Cape Coral Police Department.  Together they have a son, Grayson born on 9/11/2013.  Mary enjoys cooking, traveling, live music and spending time with her family. 

Mary started her insurance career in 1996.  She was the new business processor and Office Manager for LTC Solutions.  In this position she learned the in’s and out’s of a long-term care insurance policy.  In 2000, she decided to take her insurance exam.  She has been specializing in long-term care insurance ever since.

As a caregiver to both of her parents, Mary truly understands the importance of long-term care insurance – neither of them was prepared to experience such illness prior to their retirement.  If they had purchased a policy – it would have enabled them to spend more quality time together. 

She is a Notary and has membership in the National Notary Association.  She also holds the CLTC, Certified in Long-Term Care designation.  This designation requires extensive training in all aspects of long-term care planning and is widely respected in the industry.

Contact Information:
3501 Del Prado Blvd. Suite 205
Cape Coral, FL 33904
657-333-LTCS (5827) cell


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