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LTC Insurance Carve-Out

An “LTCI Carve-Out” allows you to “carve out,” or select, key employees to whom you extend Long Term Care Insurance, so you can:

  • -recruit and maintain the most talented people
  • -avoid potentially costly business disruptions
  • -help ease the financial and emotional strain of caring for a loved one
  • -provide employees a way to help prevent family
    and friends from being burdened with their care
    in the future.


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Employers Find LTC Insurance An Excellent Addition To Benefits Programs

The Role of Employee Benefits in Today's Economy
The competition for top quality employees can be expected to stiffen. Those same people on your payroll who were grateful to have a job at all last year could start receiving attractive offers from competitors. At the same time, if you're ready to make that long-delayed expansion, don't expect new personnel to come cheap. Base pay will be a factor. But many employees are looking for more than cash these days.

Your company's benefits will play a bigger role in attracting and retaining the right people to help your business grow and prosper. This means now is a good time, in fact, a crucial time, to rethink your company's benefits strategy.

The employee benefits you provide are only as valuable as the services behind them. Insist on the latest technology, investments, convenient administration, and effective communications. Choose a LTC Solutions Retirement Program for yourself, and your employees today.

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Long Term Care Policies have become one of the hottest offerings in employee benefit packages.
A financially-secure retirement is of paramount importance for every one of your employees. LTC Solutions Retirement Services for Businesses offers you an array of products and services to help you meet the retirement planning needs of your employees.

Our Retirement Programs have been designed from the ground up to provide a cost effective answer to your needs as a plan sponsor. At the same time, the Programs offer the services and support your employees need to effectively pursue their retirement goals.

Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone. LTC Solution's representative will work with you to review your situation, analyze your needs and help you design a benefits package for your company that reflects your unique situation and, most of all, can help meet your needs and objectives.

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