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MoneyGuard Reserve II

Have you thought about protecting your portfolio against the escalating cost of long-term care? Lincoln MoneyGuard® II, a universal life insurance policy with optional long-term care benefit riders, can help safeguard your assets and provide reimbursements for qualified long-term expenses. Given the policy stays in-force, your can receive benefits and your premiums will never increase.

MoneyGuard Reserve is paid with a single premium. It provides multiple benefit options to cover an individual's needs. It includes a money-back guarantee, minimum death benefit and long-term care benefit guarantees.

How MoneyGuard Reserve II works

If you need long term care
If you need care, a policy provides tax-advantaged reimbursements for qualified LTC expenses in the care setting of your choice. Annual/monthly maximums apply.

If you need it back
The return of premium option is selected at time of issue and, once selected, cannot be changed. There is a choice of two options for the ROP:

  • Option #1: Offers more LTC reimbursement benefits with 80% of premiums returned starting after all planned premiums are paid. Included with all policies.
  • Option #2: Offers more ROP with 100% of premiums paid, available after six years, provided all planned premiums are paid. An additional cost applies. The vesting schedule is: year one - 80%; year two - 84%; year three – 88%; year four – 92%; year five - 96%; year six - 100%.

If you never need long-term care
Beneficiaries receive an income tax-free death benefit if you do not need long-term care.

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